The Hidden Gems of NM: Part One

Since we have been given this gift of time we have been able to find the hidden gems in New Mexico. Upon our arrival we were less than hopeful we might find them. Albuquerque feels like a large-scale Tucson to us. A desert city with way too much concrete and far to many stop lights. It is bursting with people all in a crazed madness trying to get somewhere. Solitude and quiet seem impossible to find!!! But how we were proven wrong!!! It may have taken some searching but have definitely found some amazing things here. Here is the first of our treasures:

Jemez Hot Springs: On a Sunday afternoon we met up with our friends Danny and Abby and their kids. The sun was shining warm for the first time in weeks. Spring is surely on its way. We jumped in our cars and drove about an hour or so to the mountains that border Albuquerque. They are made of red rocks with layer upon layer of colors, showing the wear of time. It’s so much for the eye to take in. We climbed higher and higher in elevation where the trees started to appear. Evergreens towering tall, contrasting perfectly to the red earth below.

Finally, we found our turn out and made the hike into the valley where the stream had cut through the mountains. Bursting with life as the recent snow melt propelled the water faster. We crossed a bridge and made our way up the side of the mountain. Once almost to the top we found what we came for, the Jemez Natural Hot Springs. The two natural jacuzzi tubs were edged right along the cliff with a waterfall connecting the them. It’s as if they were infinity pools where the edge disappears into the horizon. We worked our way down to the lower of the two and wasted no time getting in. The water was only luke warm because of the recent snow but still satisfying. As you looked out, you could see the river in the valley below and the whole mountain range scattered with trees. We had a view the spread miles and miles. It was breath-taking.

This six of us spent almost two hours in there. The kids bringing so much joy and laughter to the whole experience with their innocent wonder and natural curiosity. Towards the end of our stay others came to join us. Jordan quickly struck up conversation, as he usually does. Turns out that they were from his same hometown in Fallbrook. They knew so many of the same people and places that were familiar to us. What a small world!!! Miles and miles from the city limits, in the middle of a forest, far from the road on a mountain cliff- he finds a guy from home! It was the craziest thing and an awesome little gift to send us on our way.

What a beautiful, soul-filling day! Soaking up minerals and sun shine out in the middle nature.

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