Job Hunts

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It took us a couple of days to get settled in here. We have to use our GPS to go anywhere because the roads are pretty confusing!!! We spent some time with Danny and Abby and the kids. It’s always so great to see them. We have known them since our first trip to Kauai, five years ago now. The kids are growing so fast but every time we come to visit they always remember their aunty and uncle which brings a smile to our faces. The Sotos are an amazing family. We all get along super well and it’s always like we are hanging out with family, so comfortable.

We have our resumes in over at a nice, eclectic hotel that Danny works at. We figured though we better start applying at some other places because Danny said that he might only be able to help one of us get a position, as openings are limited. So we have been scouring through Craigslist looking for opportunities. For most of our first week here we have been driving around town putting in applications. Jordan has probably put in over a dozen! We have one good lead at the Crackerbarrel. He has an interview next week. My resume is still at the hotel for the front desk position. If I don’t hear something early next week, I’ll start applying elsewhere.

So as for us- that is all that is on our minds. We thought we might have had jobs waiting for us through some connections but it’s proving to be a little more complicated than that. We are keeping our chins held high though and trying to stay positive through it all.

We have a good week coming. Our friends will be cooking up some “savory” waffles and we have to be their taste testers! We also found out that Jordan’s childhood best friend’s dad lives about 45 miles from us, so we are going to meet him for church and lunch on Sunday! We also have a cold front coming in with lots of snow, so we are going to go batten down the hatches!!!!

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