Oh Albuquerque!

So we pulled into the RV park that I had found online and I have to say it was quite disappointing. First of all it was right on the freeway and second, it looks nothing like the pictures. I understand it is winter and the grass isn’t going to be green and stuff but man…. it still doesn’t look nearly as nice! I guess I should learn my lesson by now because this happens all too often. Pictures are deceiving and most amenities listed are either restricted or not functioning. We were tired tough and decided to go into the leasing office anyway. It was, let’s just say, a little frustrating as the leasing consultant didn’t seem to have any answers to our questions. We took a tour of the mobile home/rv park…. it is huge. And after about a ten minute ride we finally saw a spot that might work for us. It is far enough away from the freeway, had clean and quiet neighbors, and it was actually level! We decided, probably out of our desperation for showers and electricity- to pay for a month here (at $405) and if we hated it after that we would find somewhere else. It was like pulling teeth to get all the paperwork signed, but we finally made it to our spot around 6pm to get settled in.

We have had a little problem with our hot water heater since we bought Odessa. It heats up and turns itself off, to signal that the entire tank is heated, but when you turn on the faucet the water is piping hot for just a split second before going to a luke-warm temperature. We figure it must have been the thermostat and were going to have to take it in to a place to be fixed but I did a lot of scouring on the internet when I came across an interesting article. An RV technician said there is a handle on the front of your hot water heater that adjust how much cold water is being mixed into the hot water when you turn on the faucet. The hot water is usually heated to at least 140F, which would be way too hot if it wasn’t mixed with a little cold. So we looked through our pipes and Jordan found the handle!!! And just like that we now have HOT WATER!!!! We are so stoked that we don’t have to take it a shop and be overcharged!!!

With that, we were able to take our first hot showers in Odessa. It was absolutely perfect. No ducking while trying to wash our hair, room to scrub, room to shave, and even enough hot water to last an entire satisfying shower. It’s a little piece of heaven!

We continually feel spoiled in Odessa with all her amenities. We are loving the extra space and she is so much easier to keep clean. She is just the perfect size for us! We are excited for our time here in New Mexico and can’t wait to see what it rings us! As for now, though, we are off to bed.

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