The Painted Desert

From Flagstaff, we booked it out to Chambers, AZ. We have a great little free campsite right at the south entrance of the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Park. The air is crisp and the stars are out! We love it here because you’re far away from city lights and street noises.

After a good night’s sleep and a lazy morning we meandered through the gift shop (that provides free camping). They have dinosaur fossils, petrified wood art, and all sorts of unique knickknacks. We have never walked around in there before. After our eyes had their fill, we locked up Odessa and jumped in the car. Time to head into the National Park. We bought our “Adventure Pass” in Joshua Tree again this year for $80. Which gives you access to all the National Parks and State Parks throughout the whole year. It saves us a ton of money.

Since we have already been here before and did a lot of the hikes we decided to stop at some new places today that we didn’t have time for previously. Jordan brought his camera so we moved at a slow pace while he captured all the we saw. He ended up with some great shots and made an awesome retro black and white series (you can find them all here). I love them and it makes me wish our house was big enough to frame them and make an awesome wall piece out of them! But the blog will have to do for now as we are limited to wall space in our tiny home!

One drive that was loved and explored this time was the Blue Mesa loop. There aren’t a lot of places to hike but there are some really great pull-outs with great views. We also stopped at Agate Bridge. The bridge itself was cool but we loved the wash leading up to it. The way water can create art out of stone is truly magical! You can also hike from there out to the edge of the mesa overlooking hundreds of miles. I found an awesome rock right on the edge to soak up the sun and the views. We had such an awesome and mellow day exploring. It’s days like these where we feel most in our element. Enjoying nature together.

From here we will drive out to Gallup, New Mexico and stay the night at Walmart so we can book it out to Albuquerque the next morning. We are anxious to set up shop out there for a few months. Although it is not of the most beautiful cities we have been, we have a great “family” there and the cost of living is pretty inexpensive.

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