We pulled into Flagstaff first looking for Safelite Autoglass. The guys in Havasu city did something wrong when replacing the glass because the windshield is making a lot of noise while driving. Luckily, it is all under warranty so we are going to get it checked out.

Turns out- the guys broke our cowels (the plastic pieces right under the windshield) so as we drive the wind catches them and they bang around. The windshield itself though is totally fine. Unfortunately we will not be able to get the cowels looked at and replaced until we get into Albuquerque and get settled. But at least we know that there is nothing compromising our safety as we finish our journey.

Since we only have the afternoon and evening to spend here we decided to hit up the downtown area by the college (per recommendation of friends). We parked Odessa over at the Walmart and jumped in the car so it would be easier to find parking on the small streets.

We walked up and down checking out all the local shops. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining! You could tell everybody was excited about it because the streets were bustling- people were even in shorts, in Flagstaff, in February!!!! We stopped at a little sushi joint for happy hour to enjoy a couple of rolls and cold beer. We sat on their outdoor patio on the edge of the town square. There were groups of college activists sharing their concerns of fossil fuels, recycling and preserving Mother earth, as well as local college bands. It was entertaining to say the least! We wandered around the little town until the sun started setting and the chill of the coming night set in. It seemed like a pretty awesome little mountain town and we wish we had more time to explore but as always the road calls!

We are just stoked we finally made it here, it has been on our list forever, well at least the past six years since we lived in Tucson!

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