Dog Town Lake, AZ

“All the golden lands ahead of you and all kinds of unforseen events wait lurking to surprise you and make you glad you’re alive to see.” -Jack Kerouac

We found a free site in the town of Williams, the gateway of the Grand Canyon. If we would have turned left off the freeway we would have ended up there, but we turned right instead and ended up in a funky FUNKY little town. We made a quick stop at the store before we continued to follow our GPS to the free campsite location. We turned into a little neighborhood and I was starting to get worried…. what camping spot could be here. But before we knew it we were slowly climbing up a road that took us deeper into the forest. It looked a lot like Lake Arrowhead, our childhood town. It was comforting. After getting lost a couple of times we finally found the spot.

As soon as we got Dessa settled we jumped in the car with the fishing pole and went straight to Dog Town Lake. Jordan has been itching to fish, he did some at the river to no avail. I keep trying to remind him that he is never going to get as lucky as he does every summer in Montana. haha….. he gets spoiled up there because every time he fishes he gets at least two really AMAZING trout! He doesn’t like when I tell him that. Ha! It was a pretty small lake but they rangers stock it so we were hopeful that just maybe he could get something! Well, let’s just say that didn’t happen and when I came down to the shore for sunset I brought him the worst luck of all time. He lost three lures in the three casts….. I think I will just leave the fishing to him. haha!

But besides the horrible fishing of the night we were absolutely blown away by the sunset. Just stunning. We made our way back to the motor home as it was starting to get cold. Goodbye shorts and sundresses, it’s back to sweatshirts and beanies.

We spent the night in the middle of the forest with no one around. Not one soul.  It was so quiet and there were more stars than I have seen in a long time. The air was crisp, like cut through your jeans and freeze your bones kind. But there was something refreshing about it. We did learn that our built-in propane heater is going to need a little maintenance. When we turn it on it makes the noise of a small child screaming in pain. It’s pretty awful. So we just had to turn on our generator and use our electric heater. That thing has been a lifesaver for us! It is supposed to drop down to 22 degrees tonight so we are just hoping our pipes/tanks don’t freeze.

Well off to bed, tomorrow is date day in Flagstaff! We can’t wait, we have never been here before!!

2 thoughts on “Dog Town Lake, AZ

  1. Another great Post with Incredible photos…WOW! Isn’t Williams fantastic? I could live there in a heart beat. Although winter breezes can be quite chilly. Years ago I spotted a couple of “53′ Trailers” for a Fire wood company in Mira Loma who had a contract to supply fire wood to HOME DEPOT. The cutting crews would drag them out into the forest above Dog Town Lake and fill’em up with Cord Wood. I’d come into town with an emty trailer & swap out a full…deliver to Mira Loma where the warehouse would package the wood in bundles. Next day or so I’d head back to Williams & do another round…did 2 or 3 a week…IT WAS A GREAT RUN.


    • That is awesome Papa! I love hearing stories from the towns that we go too! It sure was beautiful there. But man it does get cold in the winter months. Love you lots XOXO


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