Havasu City – – -> Kingman

The insurance covered most of the windshield, we did have to pay our deductible but it was way better than having to replace the entire thing. While it was being worked on we just went to a coffee shop to borrow their wifi so Jordan could get some work done for Surgical Fibers. Before we knew it, we were back on the road!

It was just a short drive to Kingman, but it was beautiful cutting through canyons as we climbed elevation. I can’t say much more Kingman, haha! We stayed at the local, friendly Walmart. We were right across from an In-N-Out so we had to grab it for dinner since it would be our last one for a long time. The rest of the night was just spent reading, there was literally not much to do but we had to get our inspection in the morning.

While Odessa was in the shop we went to cruise around the old route 66. They had an awesome train set up in a city park that we scavenged around for a while, then we went and walked around the free museum. It had all sorts of videos and pictures. It was a good way to kill a couple of hours.

We were a little anxious to pick up our girl as we were unsure of what they would find. But it turns out SHE IS PERFECT!!!! Well, mostly! The brakes still have a good 80% left, all the belts are good, and the only problem they could find is that we have a slow leak in the power steering lines. We were so relieved and thankful to AAA for offering this! When you buy a new car (especially when it’s your home) you really want to know that it is safe!!!

We couldn’t wait to get out of here and head out towards Flagstaff. We found an awesome place to stay for free on our favorite site freecampsites.net.

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