River Bound

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We had such a perfect morning in Joshua Tree that it was hard to jump in separate cars and make our way out to the river. But our sweet temptress was calling and we were ready to get there, so we took the slow winding road through the rest of Joshua Tree, the jumped on one of our favorite little two lane highway through the desert. It wasn’t quite as pretty as normal, maybe the lack of water this winter kept even the weeds from growing. Odessa handles the road like a champion cruising right around 65-70. It’s hard to believe after spending the past two years in Destiny and our top speed would be 60 if we were going downhill and the wind was coming from behind haha! Before we knew it we were at the Iron Mountain Sign Post. We had to introduce Odessa to it and leave our mark. Sadly someone ripped off our last two signs but we made sure to add it right where the other ones were. After that we booked it out to Parker, we were nearly there when all the sudden a car came speeding by to pass us and kicked up a ton of rocks. Jordan immediately called me to let me know one of them smashed into Dessa’s windshield. Within the next three minutes it spread almost a foot. Just another hiccup on the road, we will have to call our insurance to see if we can get it replaced!

After arriving at our little desert oasis we made it over to the newly remodeled Tiki Bar for a nice cold beer. We were so happy to be here and the weather looks like it is going to be perfect!

It was a great time for us to figure out all of Odessa’s “tricks” and things. This is the first time we have had full hook-ups so we were so excited to get everything plugged in and make sure everything works ok. Everything is fantastic! The AC is amazing….. we usually wake up here dripping in sweat but not this time. Our motor home was an ice box. Ha, we did freeze up the AC a couple of times and it started dripping in the living room floor but we figured that out REAL quick. That seemed to be our only issue. Every time we walk into our home this week we both just smile and say, “Wow, this is really ours?!? This is crazy.” We are absolutely in love with her. We are so happy we waited to find this one with our perfect layout. We love everything about her. And hey my fridge is still working!!!

We spent the week reading books (haven’t done that in six months). I think I finished two or three haha, I get a little crazy when reading. Jordan read a couple also. But he mostly spent his time out on “S.S. Danger,” his new inflatable kayak. It is pretty awesome. I even jumped on the back while he paddled around the river. It is going to be amazing in Montana! We can’t wait to get it in the lake! We lounged out at the pool, played a couple of rounds of mini golf, slept in, cuddled and just enjoyed being together. We didn’t have much quality time together in Cali the past four months so I was soaking it all in.

From here I think we are headed up to Havasu City to get our Windshield replaced then up to Kingman, AZ so we can get Odessa an 86-Point Inspection. We just want to make sure that she is good to go before we put too many miles on her!

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