And on we go.

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It was a long weekend of finishing all the final touches on Odessa but we are so glad we did. The floor really made a huge difference. And it is beautiful.

We met my mom, Marty, and the kids for lunch on way back down to Temecula. It was so nice to be able to show them our house in real life. They gave us a perfect plant for my kitchen counter and some really sweet gifts. So grateful for all the time that I got to spend with them this time home. Nothing quite like family! And geese, Martin and Mackenzie are growing up way too fast. I am counting down the days until they are taller than me! (hopefully just Martin and not Mack! But that is wishful thinking!!!!)

From there we went to Tyler and Chelsea’s to watch the Superbowl!!! It was amazing because Justin came too and Ian totally surprised us and showed up too! We are pretty blessed to have such great, loving people in our lives. Although we really hated both teams in the game this year we watched anyways. It was fun just to hang out, eat Chelsea’s amazing food and spend time together.

We made a quick stop at Amber and Bryan’s to say hi before we had a goodbye/see ya later party to go to. Thank goodness Amber finally cut Jordan’s hair! It was almost as long as mine! haha….. well close enough. I sat quiet most of the time there as I watched Amber, Jordan and Ian all interact in a pretty in-depth conversation. It is awesome to see siblings with that kind of relationship. It’s rare these days. I was just soaking it all in.

We made the quick drive back to Fallbrook and went straight to the Red Eye to meet some of our other friends. It lasted all night long and was even brought back to the house into the wee hours of the morning. My husband is a night owl…. and so are ALL of his friends ha! I gracefully bowed out way before they did!

In the morning my sweet friend Shannyl came over to help me run some last-minute errands. We got coffee and went to Costco to stock up the fridge. Then Jordan joined us for a wonderful lunch. She is so easy to talk to, we just sat and enjoyed each other’s company for hours. I am definitely going to miss her while away!

With that, Odessa was ready to go. We enjoyed a nice dinner with the parents, Ally, Amber and Bryan and the kids. We soaked up every last minute of aunty and uncle time; wrestling, playing dress up, stealing kisses. So amazing to be a part of their lives.

Tuesday morning, we woke up slowly and said our goodbyes. And just like that it is on we go….. for another adventure… more people to meet…. more things to see.

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