The Final Costs…


I have kept track of every expense of Odessa and our renovation. I am sharing it all because this is my journal and I want to look back for reference and also maybe it will inspire someone who is looking to fix up an old motor home!


  • 1993 Thor Four Winds Class C RV: $8400.00
  • Primer, Painting Supplies, Cleaning Supplies, Curtain Rods: $154.00
  • New RV Couch, misc. latches and handles, tracks for accordion doors, outdoor lights: $424.00
  • Transfer of Title and Registration: $140.00
  • Laminate floating floors and Custom paint: $239.00
  • Black out Curtains (x10) , 2 runners: $140.00
  • Dinette cushion fabric, thread, Velcro: $64.00
  • Bathroom Cabinet Handles: $17.00
  • Living room cabinet handles, insulation for windows: $42.00
  • Trim Pieces for floor, glue: $45.00
  • Throw to cover couch, decorative pillows: $25.00
  • Plywood for trim Pieces, shelves, and valances: $40.00
  • 86-Point Inspection: $85.00

TOTAL: $9815.00

Not a bad investment in a house if you ask me! We did spend a little bit more on this renovation than we did on the last one but we wanted it to be “our dream home.” If we can at least live in it for about 3 years like Destiny, then our “mortgage” would be about $270.00 a month. Not only is that a lot cheaper than any apartment or mortgage I have ever seen, but our house HAS WHEELS! We have hundreds of backyards every year and have so much opportunity.

We are loving every part about her. The only thing we are going to have to adjust to is our new gas tank. It’s uh…uh…. FIFTY GALLONS! Gulp….. Destiny had a 13 Gallon tank, haha. I mean it does have its perks, we stop way less often for gas!!! But we also get worse gas mileage. It’s just one of those things you have to get used to when you “upgrade” I guess! If we moved from a small house to a large house our utility bills would go up….so we just have to try to look at it that way and budget accordingly!

One thought on “The Final Costs…

  1. Terrific job you guys. Don’t forget to include your man hours. Whether or not you put a $ number to it, you’ll look back with pride that you SAVED that labor cost via “sweat equity”. Proud of you both. Love you.


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