Renovation Days 28-30

Odessa Renovation Days 28-30: With dad’s help and instruction we were able to put all new floors in the living area and bathroom and build a new bike rack.

On Friday afternoon we drove both Odessa and Destiny out to my dad’s construction yard to do some work. We are planning on parking Destiny there for a few months until we can figure out our game plan for her. We need to get a part replaced in her for her to be in a safe driving condition. We haven’t made any solid plans for her but we have some great ideas in mind!!!

My dad, he’s a little crazy, and I mean that in the best way possible! He is a working machine…. I am pretty sure the only time he stops working is when he sleeps. Haha! The minute we pulled up he barely said hi before we started looking at things to get started on! I so appreciate this about him and love his ambition. We sure needed it!

Right away we figured out a plan for the new bike rack. We decided to use half of what was on Destiny (the part that held the bikes), use the extra rack that we had bought when we made the original rack two years ago, and then weld a couple of things together to make a tongue to go in the receiver tube. (Not sure that is the right wording for that… but you get the point.) So with that in mind we immediately dismantled things in the rain and looked for parts that we could use in the pile of metal scraps. Dad ended up finding an old exercise machine that he figured we could cut and make into a tongue to hold the rack. He really is amazing… the way his brain works.

I mostly just nod my head and say “sure dad,” “great idea dad” haha! I really have no idea what he is talking about most of the time. After we got that idea working, he immediately shifted to the floors. We showed him what we bought and told him what we wanted to do and just like that I was cutting and measuring. We did spend a few minutes deciding if we wanted to tear out the original carpet in the motor home or just leave it and use it as an extra layer of insulation. Because this is a floating floor it would be pretty easy to put it right over…… it may not last as long but in our minds it may be worth it. We spend a lot of our time in the cold parts of the country so to have an extra layer made the choice pretty easy. Plus leaving the carpet in saves us a whole lot of time. We won’t have to pull out the thousands of staples they used. Jordan continued to work on the bike rack while dad and I kept working on the floor. I think we worked until ten or eleven at night. It all looked awesome and we were stoked!

The next morning Dad and Lynnette cooked us breakfast and again we immediately went to work. I spent most of the morning running errands picking up little pieces from Home Depot and the local hardware store. The guys finished up the new rack that not only holds our bicycles but has a ton of room for firewood. It is amazing! (perfect for Montana!!!) We worked the rest of the afternoon finishing the floor in the living and the bathroom. We also put in a bunch of trim pieces so the transition from carpet to floor wouldn’t be noticeable.

We worked through the entire day and night to get it completely finished. We are tired, my dad is a slave driver! haha but I say that in the best way. He is great at getting things accomplished! We are so incredibly grateful for him. He took off the next morning and we worked to get all cleaned up, dumped our tanks, emptied Destiny out completely and got her parked with her tarp on. It was hard to say goodbye…. but we left her in good company of cool tractors and old cars so she should be ok!

We are off to lunch with Mom, Marty and the kids, then we have a Superbowl Party to go to, then a goodbye party, another dinner with some of the family, and then we will finish last night minute chores before we head out on our next adventure!

One thought on “Renovation Days 28-30

  1. We just spent half our Sat. morning in bed reading your blog! Loved it, as always. So glad you are up ad running again. We will look forward to following along on your journey. Hope all that snow and ice in New Mexico doesn’t do any damage. Florida is a GREAT place to look for winter jobs!! hint hint Love you both bunches. Grandma and Fred (the Happy Camper’s too)


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