The last days…

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In our last week of being home we mostly had everything done with the motor home, which was absolutely amazing! So it gave us a lot of extra time to spend with the ones we love!

Jordan and Ian had a day in the wood shop.

I met my sister for lunch and coffee. It’s been so much fun to watch her be a mama and of course kiss those cheeks of her sweet babe! So glad she is a part of my life… there is just something about sisters that you can’t replicate in any other relationship!

At the end of the week before we head to “the yard” to put the floor in Odessa and build a bike rack we had a Cote family dinner. We call it our “goodbye” dinner, but we have had like 10 of those by now so I think maybe it’s just our “See Ya Later” dinner. haha! It was great because the whole family made time to come. The kids all ran around crazy and we just kind of hung out. Richelle did an amazing job with the dinner and decorations. We are very appreciative of that!


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