Jude and Zoe’s Birthday

One of the great things about being delayed in our travels is that it meant we would be able to make it to Zoe and Jude’s birthday party. It’s crazy how the time flies, Zoe is already 3 and Jude is 1!!!! What blessings these kids are! We have had a lot of fun this trip getting to know both of them better as they grow into little humans. Jordan has been working with Ian about once a week and stays down at his house for a night or two, so every morning he has got to play with them and again when he is home from work. He has been loving his time as uncle as Zoe is INCREDIBLY attached to him. No one else even exists when he is in the room with her. It’s almost nauseating haha!

But anyways we are incredibly grateful for the work Ian has given us while being home and also with that being able to bond with his kids. We have also really enjoyed our time with Ian and Richelle when the kids have gone to bed! I have really enjoyed getting to know Richelle better! So it was definitely awesome to be a part of their birthday celebration! Love ya guys!

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