Odessa Renovation Day 22

Odessa Renovation Day 22: While I was busy in Ventura, Jordan was busy at home getting a few things done on Odessa. The Spice rack valence is now up (perfect space saver), our beloved Montana sign is up, the bathroom valence is up, and our pillow top mattress is in!!!

We are still in awe of our sweet Odessa. All of our ideas came together and really made this place beautiful. We are pretty much moved in at this point. I have been taking load after load from Destiny. The best part is that everything actually fits in this motor home… I mean really fits!!! Nothing has to sit on counters or be moved from here to there just to use one thing, then put over there to use the next thing. It’s completely functional without moving anything…. and for that I am STOKED!!!! Destiny was a lot of work just to maintain order because of her size…. now I feel like we will have much more freedom in our extra space.

Jordan has been working hard while I have been off playing! Although our unending lists have been at times, frustrating… he has worked hard and steady to make a home for me and for that I am very appreciative. We only have a few days left here, so in between the last-minute chores we will be hanging out with our people!!! Soaking in every part of them and loving on them before we hit the road!

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