Ventura Day

We only have a week and half left in Southern California, it’s crazy. But I actually can’t believe we have been here for nearly four months. Thank the Lord for Jordan’s parents who have been so gracious to let us crash here in their yard while we have been figuring out what is next for us! Destiny breaking down completely changed our game plan and delayed our travels at least a month. So we are so incredibly grateful for their gift of “home” for a while. This whole process of transitioning motor homes would have been much harder if we were on the road.

We looked into seasonal jobs at Camelback Ranch (Spring Training Location for the LA Dodgers) thinking it would be a nice warm place to park for six weeks and make a little bit of money. But as they posted the jobs we realized there just wasn’t going to be guaranteed work for the both of us and we needed a certain dollar amount to get us through until we head back up to Montana for the summer. So we kept looking for something….. winter jobs are always the hardest to find. If you want anything seasonal you basically have to be at a ski resort. That means its going to be REALLY cold and makes life in an RV very hard. So we have avoided those at all costs. Just after nearly all hopes were gone, we got a call from our friend in Albuquerque. He mentioned that he is a manager of a restaurant in a hotel and could get us jobs if we wanted to come out there. We didn’t really hesitate and told him we would be there by Feb. 14!!! When a door opens in this lifestyle you have to jump feet first, with a whole lot of faith. Now we really have a deadline. Odessa needs to be finished by the 31st of January so we can hit the road. I am thinking we will spend some time in Joshua Tree, then relax at the river for a week before we make the trek out to New Mexico. It will be a completely different trip this time since we have to bring the Jetta with us too. Jordan will drive the motor home and I will follow in the car.

So with that deadline in mind I ditched out on chores and lists and escaped to Ventura for the day. My mom and the kids were driving up there to visit Jon, Sara, and their three boys so I couldn’t miss the opportunity to catch a ride. It was an awesome day catching up with them and spending some time with those boys. I can’t believe how big they are already. Levi will be five this year!!!! And sweet little Danny boy is not so much of a baby anymore. It was a perfect break from reality and all the things I had to get done! Plus, you can’t beat spending time with the nephews. Being an aunt has been one of my greatest sources of joy over the last five years. Between Jordan and I, we have been blessed with TEN nieces and nephews since 2010! It’s been great to watch each one grow into their own little person and to watch our brothers and sisters become parents. All unique and wonderful!

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