Renovation Day 15

Odessa Renovation Day 15: The fruits of our labor and dreams has finally come into fruition! We are so happy that we took to the time to remodel. Odessa is quite cozy these days.

Every time we walk in to Odessa we still can’t believe she is ours. It’s amazing what a little paint and some new fabric will do to a place! It instantly feels like home the second you walk in and we love that. Everything came together just as we were hoping and we can’t wait to get the new floor in next weekend.

We decided to buy a throw blanket for the couch since it wasn’t exactly in our color scheme and we didn’t have enough money in our budget to get it re-upholstered. I have to say that it really made a huge difference. Everything looks like it belongs in there now.

After a few weeks of seemingly endless lists we are getting closer to being finished, just have to a few more things to do: mount new trim pieces, mount spice rack and valence, put insulation in the over cab window, put in floor, make bike rack, and MOVE IN!!! It will be interesting trying to find new “homes” for everything inside. It took us about a year to master Destiny’s incredibly awkward sized cupboards and storage. But I am hopeful that this time around it will be a little easier. We have a lot more room now, especially with all the storage under the chassis. Our goal is to not bring anything we didn’t already have in Destiny (except for a few more clothes for different seasons). We would like everything to fit in a cupboard so we don’t have to constantly being moving things around like we did in Destiny.

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