Renovation Day 14

Odessa Renovation Day 14: My handsome, amazing husband spent the day in the wood shop making me a custom spice rack valence, kitchen cupboard shelf and valence for our bathroom. He killed it and Odessa is really starting to feel like home. I painted the trim for the dinette and couch, and cleaned up all my remodeling mess. We should be able to move in soon!

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I wasn’t sure how the transition from Destiny to Odessa was going to go. I mean we had become very attached to Destiny. Even in her rather dysfunctional state….. we loved her so much. She taught us everything we know about life on the road. She gave us thick skin through all the adventures/repairs we had to make while traveling. And she taught us how living small really meant living BIG! We are attached and Jordan even more so than I because the 1988 Toyota Dolphin had been in his heart much longer than mine. He had dreamt of the idea of Destiny for six years before we even talked about it. His dream became reality and now we are about to leave her behind. I was worried….. I didn’t know how it was going to go. But through all the renovations and projects we started to become attached to Odessa too. When you pour time and thought into something, it starts becoming a part of you. So each day we completed a project we became more and more comfortable with the idea of Odessa being home.

We would stay up late at night watching for shooting stars, reflecting on Destiny and all that she did for us. We talked about how her four cylinders worked harder than they were ever meant to. She did everything and more than we could have expected. It was a $5500 investment that changed the way we see the world and the people in it, forever. And for that we will be forever grateful. But Destiny was also limiting- we had to check grades on freeways before we ever went places because we might not be able to get there. The small tanks and lack of refrigeration limited us to how many days we could disappear. The lack of insulation meant we could do cold for very long. The leaks in the roof……..The list could go on……. but now with Odessa we talk and dream of all the doors that have been opened for us. Alaska…… Colorado…… Oregon, the east coast. We no longer will have limitations. It is a crazy and exciting thought.

So even though our hearts are heavy with the sadness of parking Destiny for a while we are just trying to stay positive with all of the new opportunities to come. And we are taking all the things we learned from her and pouring them into Odessa.

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