Renovation Day 12

Odessa Renovation Day 12: So incredibly grateful for my mamma who never stops teaching me and pouring herself into me. It may have taken me 27 years but I finally learned how to sew. Odessa loves her new dinette cushions! I may have some crooked seams in there but I am still proud!

Shannyl and I took the cushions from the dinette over to our local upholstery guy in Fallbrook to get a quote for new fabric. We loved the custom generator they made us for Destiny so we figured we would try to use them again. But when they called back with the quote of $450 I was shocked. It seemed ridiculously high! And that wasn’t even to add new foam- fabric and labor only! So I called my mom and asked if she could help me sew some slip covers or something! We were definitely on a budget and needed to find a different way to escape the purple madness that is currently everywhere across Odessa.

So Friday morning I drove up to my mom’s and we started brainstorming. Slip covers seemed to be the way to go! We went to Joann’s and began the search for new fabric. After much deliberation we found the perfect one and there just so happened to be the exact amount that we needed. I found a coupon online that gave me 20% off my entire purchase. So with the fabric, thread, and velcro we spent a total of $60!!!! Much better than $450!

When we got back to her house I was surprised when my mom told me that today I was going to do the sewing! Usually I just help her measure and she does the sewing part. haha! But I was excited to finally learn how to use the sewing machine! Let’s just say, my seams are not as straight as my mom’s would have been and I take four times longer but I did it, with lots of coaching! She was right when she said you will feel so accomplished afterwards! I felt like I had just conquered the world haha! After we finished the four slip covers, I moved straight into hemming the curtains to fit all of our odd-shaped windows.

It basically took me the entire day to finish everything but I am so glad we went this route. It makes Odessa feel much more “homey”! Not to mention, we are now one step closer to getting rid of all the purple! I couldn’t be more grateful for my mama and all that she continually does for me!

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