Renovation Day 10

Odessa Renovation Day 10: the blinds are back up, curtain are hung, new couch is in and secured and the painting is mostly finished! Jordan is in the wood shop finishing up the trim pieces for the dinette and the couch.

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I adore my husband, despite having the flu this week he has been kicking butt getting stuff done on our new home! He is working at a slower pace, trying not to over do himself but is still managing to cross so many things of his list. One of the big things we really wanted to do was make new trim pieces for the couch and dinette. He did this in Destiny a year after we moved in and the difference was amazing. The small curved trim pieces that come standard in motor homes to hold the cushions in are made very poorly. We have found that it is just a thin piece of plywood covered in the ugly upholstery that is everywhere!!! So we unscrewed them from the frames, pulled of the upholstery and used them as stencils for the new ones. We chose a much thick piece of plywood to ensure their sturdiness. In Destiny we left them just the color of the natural wood with a finish but for Odessa we are going to primer and paint them the same color as the walls to really bring it all together. It was actually kind of sad as put primer on each one tonight because the natural wood was just really beautiful and Jordan did an amazing job. We went back and forth so many times if we should paint them or not but finally we came to the conclusion that if we left them natural it would really clash with all the wooden cabinets. So sadly I painted away.

We have also spent the last couple of days get things put back together in Odessa. The paint is mostly done and dry so it is finally time to hang the blinds back up, put on the curtains and clean up all of the mess I made painting! It’s really coming together and all our ideas are coming to life. I love it! More and more it is starting to feel like home. We have a few more things to finish up before I can start moving things over from Destiny to here.

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