Sister Day!

In the midst of all this renovating we are realizing that every step we come closer to finishing Odessa means we are another day closer to our departure. Which is completely exciting, but it is also a little sad because we know that we will be leaving our families and friends behind. We have to be some of the most confusing people… part of us always want to leave and go meet new people and see new things. But then there is that other part of us that never EVER wants to leave our people behind. And it’s only getting harder the longer we live this lifestyle because the list of people that we love and want to do life with is getting longer and longer. I am not sure we will ever find a solution to our dilemma.

So with this in mind, I once again ditched out on all the projects and lists I had to go see my sister for the afternoon and get my hair chopped off. I met Jena at Kaiser so she could go to her appointment without the baby. I just can’t believe how big my lil squishy boy is getting. He is starting to talk more and more in his own language of course and is getting closer to walking every day. It’s been so fun being home this past four months to watch him change before my very eyes. Being Aunty is more amazing than I ever had imagined it would be.

After that we headed to lunch. I just can’t get over how amazing my sis is at being a mom. I am so incredibly proud of her and Jace is one incredible baby. We ran a couple of errands together and then I went over to Lynnette’s salon to get cleaned up before we are back on the road. It’s amazing how much better you feel after getting a little trim! It was a wonderful day of catching up and spending time with some of my family and especially nice to take a day off of painting!!!

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