Renovation Day 5

Odessa Renovation Day 5: Today we took the day off projects and to Home Depot to out paint colors. Lots to choose from but we finally figured out our color scheme!

After applying the KILLZ primer to all of the walls you are free to choose any kind of paint you want to go on top. We picked a Satin finish to all of our colors in the Living room/Kitchen. This way they would be easier to wipe down. The bathroom colors are Semi-Gloss. The bedroom is a Matte finish as those walls will not get as dirty. We learned in Destiny that the Matte finish was nearly impossible to wipe clean without wiping off the paint. We are so excited for all the colors we picked out and hope that the look comes together in the end.

We also picked out our laminate floating floor today. Of course, it had to be one that we had to special order. They said it will take about two weeks to get here. It was kind of disappointing but realistically we needed that amount of time to finish all of the painting and get everything else all put together. We can’t wait for that day….. the day we get to be back on the road!

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