Renovation Day 4

Odessa Renovation Day 4: Doing work today in Odessa with my main girl, Shannyl!!! Could not have finished the primer job without her. Her love for Jordan & I and her joy for life renew my soul in so many ways!

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After getting the couch and all the other small needed parts we were only more excited to move forward in the renovations. So this morning Shannyl came over around nine and we got straight to work. We gutted Odessa even more by removing all the window shades, the mattresses, the new couch, table and dinette cushions. She looked so naked but it was perfect for painting. She helped me tape off the rest of the motor home and then we took a quick lunch break to our favorite spot in Fallbrook, Estrellas. They have the best drinks and great food. After we were full and happy we went straight back to it. One of us cut in with a small brush while the other used a roller to get the larger areas. We spent the whole afternoon painting on the primer. It would have taken at least twice as long if I was doing it by myself. I was so extremely grateful for the help and of course for the company. She is incredible and we had so much fun! I am pretty sure our hair was covered in paint and same with our bodies because of all the awkward spaces that are in a motor home. But it was one step closer to getting Odessa finished and for that I was super excited!

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