Renovation Day 3

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Odessa Renovation Day 3: Our whole world has been consumed by this new motor home. Today we took a break from painting and projects to head to Walt’s RV in Rialto to find a new couch and random little parts.

If you have an RV and live in Southern California then you might have heard of Walts, if not then you should definitely know about them. They are based out of Rialto, CA and have just about everything you could possibly need for an RV at a very affordable price. All the different latches, handles, windows, parts, couches…. you name they have it! And if by some chance they don’t have what you need they are great about finding it! We have never been disappointed!

We needed to find a new couch that could fold into a bed for Odessa because the one that was in her was very worn out! When you sat on it, you felt like you were sitting on the springs. If we just were using the motor home for weekend trips or small vacations we probably wouldn’t have worried about it too much but since we are full timers it was definitely priority number one! The couch is a huge part of our living space and the main sitting area. So we searched Waltz high and low looking for one that was the right size. Unfortunately, this time they didn’t have to many options. The only one that would work was a brown color with designs. Why the designers pick these fabrics I have no idea?! We decided to buy it anyway even though we weren’t happy with the color and put a throw on it or get in re-upholstered. We looked for all the other little parts we needed and found them all! Al came with us to pick up some things for his new trailer too so that made it fun. After that we headed to Subway for lunch, where Dad came to meet us and check out Odessa for the first time. He told us he would help us build another bike rack for this one and offered to help with any other projects! He is definitely a life saver with all his help in our motor home life!

From there Jordan made me jump in the driver’s seat and drive Odessa for the first time. I was pretty nervous at first but after the first few minutes it became more comfortable. We are adjusting to her size still. She is 7 feet longer than Destiny and also 2 feet wider and 2 feet taller! You really have to watch your rear through turns and when switching lanes. We made it back to Fallbrook no problem and went straight to Al’s house. He helped us take out the old couch, put on all new latches and gave us a few pointers. He has been so awesome through this whole process and we are so grateful!

Well off to sleep because tomorrow is Day Four and we are going to work on some more painting!

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