Renovation Day 2

Odessa Renovation Day 2: Bathroom was taped and primered, upper bedroom sanded and taped, old shower silicone and ceiling scraped, and rear bedroom taped off for primer.

We decided to do all the painting before we did anything to the floors. This way if we dripped the paint or anything we wouldn’t ruin them! We want to put in a floating laminate floor so that way it will be easier to clean and look a little nicer. I think it will definitely add a nice touch!

If you are ever going to paint an RV we have discovered the best kept secret. Most RVs have a weird wall paper or wall board that is incredibly hard to paint. It won’t adhere properly so you end up with patches of the old wall showing through. After researching many blogs and forums we learned about KILLZ PRIMER. Trust me everything they say about it is true. KILLZ primer is known for its stain blocking abilities and it is also mildew/mold resistant.  Paint this first on any surface in your RV and your life will be so much easier. I am pretty sure the instructions say to wash the walls with a special kind of soap and such but I never have. I usually just wipe them down to make sure there isn’t a lot of dirt and then I just go for it! We only took the wallpaper off the parts where the glue was already loose. I knew that two layers of primer and the paint we chose would cover up any difference between the two. If you wanted to, you could buy the wall paper removal spray and spend the extra couple days getting it all off.

Before applying KILLZ I usually use painter’s tape and go around all the edges of the walls. I am not the world’s best painter so it helps to keep things a little bit neater. Just remember to peel off the tape sooner than later! I did forget to do this on a couple of walls and the tape rips off some of your nicely painted primer if it drys. I am always amazed at how fresh and clean it makes the motor home feel once I get paint on the walls. Just getting rid of the patterns in the wall paper and making it all one solid color really opens up the place.

We are making good progress and every day Odessa is feeling more and more like home!

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