Let the Renovations Begin…

We wasted no time with renovating Odessa. We felt a little more confident this time because of all that we have learned in Destiny. I also knew that I definitely wanted to finish all of our projects before we left California at the end of January. There were so many things left undone in Destiny that drove me crazy.

Odessa Renovation Day 1: peeled off all old wallpaper so we can prime and paint, removed all old carpeted valances and ugly curtains, took off 3 ziplock bags of unnecessary hardware (extra handles,clips, etc.), scrubbed the blinds (with the help of my mother in law), and cleaned out all of the cupboards.

It is amazing how just how much better she looks and feels after the first day. I am not sure who does the interior designing for motor homes but I have yet to find one that I actually like. Why do they use colors like lavender or sky blue for the carpet, upholstery, and decorations?! It is important to us to make our motor home feel like “home” and our home would never have such colors! So getting rid of all of the old and out-dated felt incredible. We haven’t quite figured out our colors yet but we have many ideas!!!

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