The Birth of Odessa

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It was a long and weary road til the day we met Odessa, but the instant we saw her we knew that she was perfect for us! It’s funny how sometimes you just know!

We had searched Craigslist and many other sites for months trying to find the perfect rig to no avail. We were a little bit more picky this time around because after living full-time in an RV for two and half years you start to know what you really want. Our first goal was to find something 28 feet or less because most State parks and National parks set that as the max length. We wanted to find a Class C because we love how you are connected to the cab. It was important to us to have a couch and a dinette. Which come to find out is pretty hard to find in anything less than 30 feet. Most have one or the other with a captain’s chair. We also wanted to find one that had a rear bedroom with a queen bed. Jordan and I have pretty different sleep schedules so it was important to find a motor home with a bedroom a little more separated from the rest of the house. Currently in Destiny, the bed is up over the cab and even though it is kind of fun to sleep in a tree house our heads were literally two feet from the main living area. The last things we were looking for was a working fridge and a rig that did not have any water damage.

It became quite the list of wants/needs by the end of it but we just kept searching and searching. Right as we were starting to lose hope I found one that was posted on Craigslist in Rialto (not too far from us) and immediately jumped on it. The owner was going out-of-town so we had to wait five days to go and look at it. But when we pulled up, she looked better than we expected. As we took the tour around we scavenged around looking in every crack and corner for water damage and could not find any. Jordan climbed up on the roof and saw that it was a single sheet, which is amazing because there are no seams for water to seep into! It had the exact layout we wanted and everything worked inside. There was a fridge and freezer, an AC in the cab and in the back, a generator that you can start from the inside, and only 45,000 miles on the chassis. The RV only had one owner who had taken very good care of her.

There was some cosmetic damage on the inside but that was all stuff that could be repaired. We took a few minutes to ourselves after taking her for a test drive and came to the conclusion that she had to be ours. So we talked to the owner and got an extra $400 off the price just by bargaining, filled out the paperwork and drove her home.

I had a few minutes of doubt… it is hard to make a purchase like this and know if you really did the right thing or not. The nerves dissipated quickly and the excitement grew. We now have a working motor home again and not only that but she has a V8 which gives us the freedom to go anywhere!!!! With Destiny we had to be very careful where we went because she only had four cylinders….now with Odessa so many doors have been opened.

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