Exploring the keys

Finally! We have a day off together and we are picking up the rental car so we figured we would venture our way further down the keys. It’s really quite crazy that over the span of 113 miles there are 42 bridges that connect a bunch of coral and limestone islands together. You’re just there driving in the middle the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The weirdest is part is that right along the overseas highway and there are power poles submerged in the water with the wires hanging there right along side of you. It just seems wrong. 

We enjoyed a great meal at a cool ocean front restaurant that had a pool for patrons to enjoy while eating there. I gotta say that was a first for me! I’ve only seen that at hotels but this was just a restaurant. The color of the water here is unbelievable. Just that crystal clear turquoise color. After we were finished eating we walked along their pier and watched all the amazing sea creatures. It’s crazy down here, the water is so alive. 

From there we went to Sombrero beach. It’s one of the only actual beaches in the keys. So many of these islands just have sea walls. Even this beach was only about 20 feet of sand, nothing like the beaches in Kauai. But we were grateful for the sun and the time to just decompress as we listened to the ocean waves. 

After that we met up with a co worker who lives on a boat nearby and hung out with her and her husband for a little bit! It was awesome. Kind of like a floating motorhome! 

It was a much needed day of rest and the furthest Jordan’s been away from Fiesta Key in two months!!!! So crazy that he hasn’t left since we first arrived. (I snuck away to the grocery store a couple of times while he was working.)

That work life.

So basically we are working and working a lot. We are full of mixed emotions about it. On one had it’s so good to be making a little extra in our typical “dry” season but on the other hand we are dying to explore this beautiful area. Most of the time we end up working opposite shifts. I go in from 7am-4pm and Jordan works from 4pm-close. Our only opportunity to hang out is at 11pm every night. I have basically given up on sleep. If I ever want to see Jordan I have to stay up late and then hope to catch a nap after work while he is working. 

We also haven’t had any days off together yet so we both requested a few days off at the beginning of March so we can go exploring. We also rented a car for the whole month so we can do that exploring. The funny thing is that our Rv park and restaurant are the only things on our key and the next closest key is 12 miles away so we are feeling a little bit of that island fever. Hopefully in March we can see more and do more!  Can’t believe that these weeks are flying by so fast but hey time flies when you’re having fun!

On a side note, we have been really enjoying our time with our “neighbors.” We have so many Canadians and other snow birds down here that we are getting to know. A lot of evenings after work we go over to Mustache Jim’s for a rum and good company. We love his wife Joanne and his friends/neighbors from back home. They keep us laughing and give us that community feel that we always love to find. If we don’t stop by we wait at our house for the “Heyyyyyyy!!!!” outside our window. Jim always rolls down the road to our house in his golf and just yells until we come outside. Haha! It’s the best. And I think I’m going to miss it when it’s time for us all to go back home.

We also met another Jim, who’s wife is Jenny and they have three kids. They are full timers down here. It’s been awesome to get to know them and their kids and have a little bit of that family time. They are both full of great stories and advice. 

We also have hung out with some of Jordan’s coworkers. Those nights usually end up as game nights until way too late but always so much fun. We have already met so many great people down here and love that we can have another place to come back to if we want. Plus, you can’t beat this weather (well except for the wind; the wind is constant and kind of annoying, but the sunshine is amazing! Especially in February).

Jordan’s Fishing Adventures¬†

We are in brand new territory down here and the waters a booming with more life than we have ever seen. There hasn’t been a time where we have walked by the water and not seen some kind of sea creature. So you could probably guess how badly Jordan was dying to get out there to fish. He used his inflatable boat first and then after a few weeks Mustache Jim let him take out his 8ft zodiac. Jordan was basically in heaven. Cruising the keys out on the water. It took him a week to figure out the right bait to use and all the fishing techniques for this area but after that he killed it!!! 

Here are some of his catches!! Such beautiful fish down here. 

(ps- he got his first sharks down here…. scary but amazing!!!)

Mustache Jim

It was our third week in the Keys and Jordan and I had just got off work and were eating dinner and hanging out on our patio. A lot of the snow bird crowd goes to bed pretty early so we never really see anyone in the evening.

But this night, it was a different night. We were just talking about our days when we saw a golf cart driving through the Rv park, headed straight for us… then it slowly creeped into our campsite. Jordan and I look at each other in slight confusion, then we looked back over to the golf cart trying to see through the headlights to see who it could be. We didn’t really know anyone yet. Then they clicked off and we hear, the soon to be infamous…

“Heyyyyyy…!” It was in a loud voice but not quite yelling. Then an older man stepped out and quickly introduced himself as Jim. Over the next couple hours we hung out, talked and got to know each other. We had no idea it would be the start of a great friendship and many late night laughs.

And yes, he does have a mustache… and there are 1000 Jim’s here at the Rv park, so from now on he will be Mustache Jim from Canada!

Settling in

It’s been quite a whirlwind around here. After we got the jobs Jordan started working 6 day work weeks and I started immediately at 40 plus hours a week. This isn’t quite what we were expecting (we figured it would be more of a part time gig), but we aren’t complaining either. Just a lot to process considering the fact that three days ago we were supposed to be taking off for our adventure west!!!! 

We got our motor home moved over to a more permanent spot for work campers and spent the week getting a little patio set up. I had to include a mini garden, of course!!! It was full of strong smelling herbs to help repel the bugs. My first week I got eaten alive!!!

We are loving the beauty, the color of the water, the sunsets and warm weather! Definitely not a bad place to stay the winter.